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Series: The Desert in April
Crossover, drama, suspense, mystery
through season 5 (CSI)
through season 1 (CSI:NY)
Summary: The news that his sister has been hospitalized sends Don Flack to Las Vegas. And what happens in Vegas, may keep him there forever.
Authors' Note(s): Basically this is my first attempt at a CSI fic so please let me know what you think. Also I think this is the first appearance of this particular ship. Special thanks to rivensky for not killing my plot bunnies, and for force feeding certain ones when I wanted them to die. Oh yeah, and the veiled threats. ;) Actually this time I owe rivensky big. There wouldn’t have been a chapter 8 if it wasn’t for her. She helped with one scene in particular, and it really mattered because with out the scene I couldn’t have progressed the story.

OneAll Don wanted to do was keep the criminal from ever hurting anyone again.
TwoSara just smiled and let Greg tell his side of the story. "I wanted one that said ‘Kiss Me I’m Irish,’ but the doctor was afraid it would incite a riot."
ThreeDon had no idea what he should do, aside from getting the bastard that did this to her, he didn’t have a clue about how to be there for her now. He wasn’t a doctor or a nurse, what was he supposed to do? Shoot at the IV bag to make it drip faster?
FourDon never was one for beating around the bush. He always spoke his mind and he saw no reason to start today.
FiveLast time he got close you cold-cocked him.
SixGreg’s thoughtfulness brought an irresistible smile to his face, which he instantly regretted as the stabbing pain in his head worsened.
SevenThere’s thirteen-thousand bumps, give or take, in the ceiling in case you’re wondering.
EightEvery kid has their own idea of what they want to become when they grow up. For me it was either a rock star or a scientist. But I couldn’t sing and my parents wouldn’t let me have the instruments I really wanted. They said I was loud enough to begin with and I didn’t need anything to make me any louder. And you know, an air drum solo doesn’t get nearly as much credit as it should. It’s much more complex than air guitar.
Nine"Well maybe Nick won’t find the real killer and I’ll get to visit you in prison every week." Don playfully elbowed Greg in the side. "We’ll figure something out, after all it is what we get paid to do. I’ll probably be the one who comes up with the answer. I am a lot smarter than I look."
Ten"I’ll have you know I’m much more charming after you’ve spent the past ten hours working a case with me."
Eleven"You went to work this week, snagged a fortune cookie that said ‘death comes swiftly in back alleyway’ and you decided that for once the fortune in the cookie should play out literally. Am I right?"
Twelve(not posted yet)