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Safe for all ages
Things I've Never Told You
Summary: Brass/Nick Post ep for Stalker
Spoilers: 5x24 Stalker
Author's Note(s): Ok Iíve had this evil little plot bunny running around in my head ever since someone on the list mentioned a scene in Stalker.
Safe for teens and older
(none at the moment)
Adults only
Series: We Two
NC-17 overall
hurt/comfort, drama, romance
Summary: Post Ep "A Bullet Runs Through It"(Part2). A rather unexpected source shows Jim Brass a fierce friendship in his hour of need that makes him question just how deep his emotions for the CSI run.
Spoilers: through and after 6x08 A Bullet Runs Through It 2
Authors' Note(s): I started this Nick/Brass over at Oh_No_Nicky after watching 'A Bullet Runs through it' Part two and falling to pieces over Brass's grief. So a quick shout out to nicky69 for being my wonderful voice of reason and to jordanfan1984 for making me my beautiful Icon.
Chapter: One
Chapter: Two
Chapter: Three
Chapter: Four
Chapter: Five
Summary: Grissom starts putting two and two together, even before the boys have even realised there's a sum in the first place.
Chapter: Six
Summary: Nick tells Greg about his new feelings for Brass and Greg reacts to it like...well, Greg!
Chapter: Seven
Summary: Brass gets his answer from the board and visits a friends.
Chapter: Eight
Summary: Nick and Jim take baby steps forward and Greg offers his advice.
Chapter: Nine
Summary: FINALLY Jim Brass admits the truth to himself and Catherine calls him a 'Silly Little Man'.
Chapter: Ten
Summary: Nick gets stood up and does something drastic.
Chapter: Eleven
Summary: Jim searches for Nick to apologise but he and Gil have a run in instead...
Chapter: Twelve
Summary: Now this is the chapter you've been waiting for...
Chapter: Thirteen
Summary: Nick tells Jim about his past relationship with Girssom.
Chapter: Fourteen
Summary: Nick talks to Grissom.
Chapter: Fifteen
Summary: Working together for the first time.
Chapter: Sixteen
Summary: Nick realises they forgot to tell Catherine.
Chapter: Seventeen
Summary: Just because you want somebody doesn't mean it will go according to plan.
Chapter: Eighteen
Summary: Nicky talks Jim through it with pleasing results. Moving onto an R rating now folks!
Chapter: Nineteen
Summary: Jim and Gil talk.
Chapter: Twenty
Summary: Kelly Gordon returns.
Chapter: Twenty-one
Summary: Sometimes comfort needs to be physical...
Chapter: Twenty-two
Summary: Jealousy makes us do stupid things.
Chapter: Twenty-three
Summary: An intense conversation between the boys.
Chapter: Twenty-four
Summary: Nick shows Jim how much he wants him.
Chapter: Twenty-five
Summary: The 'Grown ups' at lunch.
Chapter: Twenty-six
Summary: Nick has time to think about their relationship and panics... well a little...
Chapter: Twenty-seven
Summary: Be honest girls, you'd do it too if you had the chance...
Chapter: Twenty-eight
Summary: Telling Sara and Warrick.
Chapter: Twenty-nine
Summary: Making up for it.
Chapter: Thirty
Summary: "Hi CSI Guy..."
Chapter: Thirty-one
Summary: "I couldn't bear the thought of you knowing and not telling me. It physically hurt..."
Chapter: Thirty-two
Summary: "So... it's over."
Chapter: Thirty-three
Summary: Jim and Gil share words...
Chapter: Thirty-four
Summary: Kelly's final bow...
Chapter: Thirty-five
Summary: Last chapter folks. A little comfort never hurt anyone...