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Series: Sleeping Dogs Lie
zaganthi and perryvic
Brass/Gil/Greg, Gil/other, Greg/other
rape, torture, bondage, electrocution, humiliation, puppy play
Summary: They all skipped over Greg. He wasn't as big a name, Greg was 'just' a CSI, not the supervisor, not the guy with the reputation and hey, Jim thought Gil was great too, but he also thought they were going to be lucky to get even one of them back.
Warning(s): Rape, torture, bondage, electrocution, humiliation, puppy play, and then we try to fix it. The really rough stuff is in the first two chapters and it's all repair work afterwards.
Authors' Note(s): This is a remix of Uninhibited Creatures. I enjoy throwing the same scenario at both tzi and perryvic and seeing what happens.