The Odd Colours Series
R overall
Series: Hot Pink (PG through R)
OneSummary: “Only good things I hope?” Rowen grinned, taking the opening the ignorant Eric offered. Ryan saw it coming and was already bracing himself for the flare of embarrassment.
TwoSummary: “You know what I need?” Rowen asked. “Prozac?” Ryan said, which earned him a smack on the head. “No, I need another dance."
ThreeSummary: Rowen plastered a fake ‘oops’- expression on her face. “You didn’t know?” Eric shook his head. “No, I didn’t.”
FourSummary: Having quick reflexes when it came to using opportunities to embarrass Ryan and getting rid of Erica Sikes made her act quickly.
FiveSummary: “Yes, Ryan. You know Ryan, brown hair, brown eyes, great ass and totally cute?” Eric didn’t choke on his coffee completely, he was getting pretty used to Rowen’s comments.
SixSummary: So, taking another deep breath and making sure he didn’t choke on it, he rang the doorbell.
SevenSummary: A very, very short epilogue.
Series: Canary Yellow (PG-13 through R)
OneSummary: He was deathly afraid that Eric wouldn’t come back one day.
TwoSummary: Her eyes flashed with anger, she’d warned Eric about hurting Ryan.
ThreeSummary: He went to open the door but she neatly side-stepped, blocking the door with her body. “What the hell is your problem, Delko?”
FourSummary: She watched her friend kill himself little by little day by day and it was killing her inside as well.
FiveSummary: It was out of reach, beautiful and tantalizing and just too close for comfort.
SixSummary: But Ryan obviously wasn’t listening. “Ryan, please, hold on.”
SevenSummary: “I’ll survive.” Rowen squeezed him tighter. “Yeah, you’ll survive.”
EightSummary: The attraction was there and the playful flirting enflamed his jealousy.
NineSummary: At the sound of the doorbell she looked up and frowned. She normally didn’t get any visitors.
TenSummary: Eric was way too afraid to look up from the ground and see the anger and refusal on Ryan’s face.
ElevenSummary: Just a short epilogue.
Series: Sharp Blue (PG-13 through R)
OneSummary: They were spooned together, Ryan’s pale skin a beautiful contrast to Eric’s darker tone.
TwoSummary: Ryan never left the front door open and neither did Rowen.
ThreeSummary: Knowing Rowen she probably fought like hell.
FourSummary: She was in a hospital room, she was sure of that and she frowned, what the hell happened?
FiveSummary: “Eric didn’t warn you about me, did he?” Horatio chuckled and shook his head. “Not quite.”
SixSummary: Ryan always speaks so highly of you, Horatio and Calleigh.
SevenSummary: “They’re not going to find you, Ryan, you should just give it up.”
EightSummary: She could change moods faster then Rowen with PMS.
NineSummary: But in the end he closed his eyes.
TenSummary: He could see the fine tremble along her body.
ElevenSummary: He could feel the tears building behind his eyelids.
TwelveSummary: “How, baby, how do you want me to prove it to you?”
ThirteenSummary: “I could just lie here all day.”
(4) Series: Fluo Green (R)

Summary: She’d been at the lab for six months and she was absolutely great.

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(5) Series: Shimmering Red (R)

Summary: Comes after Fluo Green.

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